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**Unveil the Secrets of Bossy Brow Perfection:   Brow Mapping Mastery Workshop**

Just For You!**

🌟 **Are complicated Brows Holding Back your Brow Business?** 🌟


Imagine this:
Your clients walk out of your salon with picture-perfect brows, ready for a close-up, sharing selfies with their friends, tagging your business and you're swamped with new booking requests!!

Why?? because word has spread: YOU are the Brow G.O.A.T.!


But right may be struggling with:


1. Brow work that doesn't have that instagrammable "WOW' factor!!
2. Uncertainty in your brow design skills.
3. You don't know what to do to rectify common brow issues.
4. A stagnant brow business that has potential... but no growth

5. Your trainer/school didn't make the time to teach you how to Map.


If this sounds familiar, our workshop is designed with you in mind!


💎 **What's In Store?** 💎
- **Hands-on Instruction:** Get up-close and personal with live in-person training by Executive Esthetician and Brow Artist Onisha Claire !
- **Full Kits:** Everything you need is right at your fingertips! Dive into a rich toolkit filled with premium brow mapping tools.
- **Master 3 Essential Tools:** Amplify your skills by getting well-versed with three pivotal brow tools, ensuring that every brow you touch turns to gold.
- **The Art of Brow Correction:** Don't just beautify – rectify! Learn the secrets of fixing common brow errors, making you the go-to brow slayer.
- **Certificate of Attendance:** Flaunt your new-found expertise with a certificate that stands testament to your prowess.


🎖 You'll Walk Away With🎖
- An arsenal of skills that will transform your brow game forever.
- Confidence that shines through, attracting more clients to your brow business.
- A hands-on experience that sets you miles apart from YouTube tutorials and online courses.
- The ability to turn every brow into a masterpiece.


💥 **Take the Leap Today!** 💥

Don't let uneven brows or lack of confidence be the hurdle in your career. The Brow Mapping Workshop is not just a class; it's an investment in your future, your business, and your self-assurance.


Limited seats available because we believe in quality over quantity.

Sign up NOW and embark on your journey to brow excellence!

**Your Brows. Our Expertise. Together, Let's Shape Perfection.**

Brow Mapping Mastery Workshop

  • This is Advanced training. It does not count towards required hours or continuing eduation hours for an Esthetics or Cosmetology license. Please review your City, County and State requirements to legally practice Permanent Makeup and/or Esthetics in your intended jurisdiction.

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