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Scar Camouflage

3 x Certified in Paramedical tattoo, Onisha Claire is building our Camouflage portfolio.

If you have a healed scar or stretchmarks, Camouflage could be the solution for smooth clear skin.

Skin toned pigments are implanted into the dermis to blend into the surrounding skin and camouflage the desired area. We will be able to professionally color match the pigment to your natural skin tone to make the scar undetectable.

This treatment is for areas that are at least 2 years old, flat* and lighter than the surrounding area ( hypo pigmentation (light spots), vitiligo, stretch marks, scars)

*We invite you to submit your photos for consideration no matter what the scar is as we  will be adding additional scar concerns in the future. There is a one time fee of $50, must sign a model release form to use all images obtained during service
Which days are you available?
Upload Photo of your scar/skin

Thanks for applying we will reply in 24-48 hours

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