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Bossy Classic Brow · 25

Dressed to impress, your Brows are mapped and maintained to reveal your ideal shape. Our detailed sculpting is followed by effleurage massage to release tension and sustain healthy skin. Complimentary dressing with our Bossy Brows styling system.

Signature Brow Styling · 45

Through our exclusive brow mapping system, we will create a shaping that will restore the natural balance of your brows. Your ideal shape will then be enhanced with a deep conditioning color treatment (Brow Tinting) that will make your brows appear healthy, full and refined.

Power Brow Session· 95

Have you been struggling to draw your brows in every day? Let Bossy Brows show you how its done! This includes a one on one personalized brow class just for you - your kit and a Signature brow session are included.

Kit: Brow Powder, Brow Setting Gel and Brow/Lash Growth oil, tools & carrying case.

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