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Let us teach you how you can add 6 figures to your business!

Please Note: You must be a licensed professional in either Esthetics or Cosmetology, or currently enrolled in an accredited beauty school.



This course is the foundation to a six figure career in Brow Design. Moving beyond trends is at the heart of this course. Our Executive Esthetician will guide you through eyebrow histology,  musculature of the face,  common disorders, treatment and restoration methods.


In our live demo you will learn how to create balance, shape correction and Professional Brow Dressing using the Bossy Brows Mapping System.

You will receive a practice kit, a Certificate of Attendance and 1 year class audit ( ability to re-attend).

This is a Look and Learn

License is not required.



In this hands on work shop, you will learn ALL of the essentials of curating perfectly sculpted brows, plus the fundamentals of developing a booming Brow business!

You will gain all of the Fundamentals of the BBU Knowledge Course PLUS a hands on learning experience! Your training will cover:

  •  10 types of brow mapping to ensure perfect symmetry EVERY TIME! 

  • The art of the Ouchless Tweeze

  • The secret to amazing HD/Henna Brows

  • 5 wax mistakes that will save you money and your career!

  • Marketing tips to fill your calendar fast for ZERO dollars!

This Brow Intensive is guaranteed to immerse you into the world of Brow Design. Expand your beauty brand and build a thriving career.

To Participate in Hands on Portion You must be a licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician


Practice Kit

Certificate of Attendance

1 year Class Audit

$50 Credit to future BBU courses

Bossy Executive


Being Bossy is more than just Brows, it's also understand how to run a profitable business!


This course is for experienced Beauty Professionals. Looking to immerse themselves in the business of Brows. This 2 Day Boot Camp will provide you with the Knowledge and Skills of a Professional Bossy Brows Artisan, and you will also receive 2 days of hands on instruction with Models and a full systems set up review, Sales training and two 30 minute post completion Coaching Sessions.

A Full Kit to perform over $5000 worth of brow services!


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