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Onisha Claire Bossy Brows Academy
Brow Classes
I don't sell classes... I build    confidence! You get  Six  Figure Skills... Clarity, Community and Confidence ~  Guaranteed!
Philadelphia skylinee

#1 Global Leader in
Lash Lifts

Our Students get EXCLUSIVE access

to our Certified Lash Artist

Community and special discounts!

From Brow Woes to
Brow WOWs!

Tired of brows that just don't make the cut in those close-up shots?  This hands on workshop is where

precision meets perfection.

Master wax depilation of eyebrow hair in women, brow correction..jpg

Best Brow Training in USA!!

You'll learn    the secrets to 

create your own six-figure 

Brow Business...


Designed for YOU!

Boost your bookings! Dive into

one-on-one training where  we we tailor a learning program for your skill level.


Can't make it to a LIVE class? We've got something
for you too!

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