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Keratin Brow Lamination

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Keratin Brow Lamination



9/13 & 9/27


Are you ready to

 make $1,000 days your norm?

No Microblading...No lashes...No blow outs!!!


Let our experts walk you through step by step how to create flawless brows with Bossy Brow Keratin Lamination System.... Then show you how retail .... market... and provide a service that will quickly fill your calendar AND hit your goals!

If #browlamination is NOT on your menu in 2020 you ARE missing $$$

This ONE workshop pays for itself in less than One Day of services!

For a Limited Time The FULL Keratin Brow Lamination Kit is FREE!

Workshop includes:

  • FREE Keratin Brow Lamination Kit

  • Step by step instruction

  • Style Guide

  • Certificate

  • Live Demo

  • Access to Digital Course Replay


  • 1k1 day Brows a FREE Webinar how to build a $1,000 a day Natural Brow Biz

  • FREE Henna Brow Tutorial included


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