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If your Brow Business is not generating at least $10,000 a month - YOU can NOT afford to WAIT on booking your VIP Day!


This is YOUR time! – Get laser focused with BossyBrows® to fine tune your skills in the most PROFITABLE NICHE in the Beauty Industry!


Hi! My name is Onisha Claire and I am personally dedicated to educate and train 1,000 aspiring Beauty Professionals on how you can make MORE Profits without exhausting every minute of your life trying to grow your service-based business.


You need a blueprint, a guide and honesty! Onisha Claire has successfully built one of the largest Multi-Million Dollar Award winning Beauty businesses in America but - after a painful brush with Carpal tunnel and thousands of dollars in business coaching and therapy - realized that there is a BETTER WAY!


  • $10,000 months (That’s MORE than six figures a YEAR!)
  • Steady Clients that LOVE your work and SEE your value
  • A LEADER in the market place & eliminate the IDEA of competition
  • Create & operate your business to fund the LIFE of YOUR Dreams – Self Care, Family time, Money, Good Vibes


I call it Booked, Busy & Balanced and it is the FOUNDATION of your VIP Day with Bossy Brows!!!


Your VIP Day begins when you submit your application which allows us to assess your current skill level so that we can tailor your program to realistically help you achieve your goals. Your application will place you in one of 3 tracks:


Track one

Brow Fundamentals: ideal if you have little to no experience in Brow Design.


  • 10 Step Classic Bossy Brows Styling Method for consistent results that Wow!
  • Brow Mapping for Symmetry
  • Secrets to easy natural brow correction
  • Hands on brow wax tutorial
  • Bossy Brows Signature Brow Tinting for beginners
  • Consultation, Contraindications & Cultivation the foundation to an elevated Client experience


Track two

Advanced Brow Design: Ideal if you’re a licensed Esthetician, Cosmetologist or Lash Artist who understands the fundamentals.


  • Step by Step Techniques, Tips & Tricks for Instagram worthy Brow Lamination & Brow Henna Styling
  • Knowledge, science & analysis of each style
  • How to avoid the 3 types of Brow trauma
  • Advanced Brow Mapping
  • Secret to long lasting stain with ANY brand
  • 4 types of Allergic reaction you must avoid
  • Styling secrets you can’t find on Youtube
  • Color matching for Henna Eyebrows


Track three

Introduction to Microshading – Ideal if you need to perfect your skills from previous training or if you want an overview of Brow PMU before investing in a full 40 hour program or apprenticeship.


  • The art of that Bossy Fade!
  • Clean Crisp outline for flawless Bossy Brows
  • Secrets Brow Mapping without a Stencil
  • Understanding the Who, What, When, Where & Why of Client Skin for PMU
  • Machine & Needle selection
  • Hands on Machine Tutorial


Every track includes a Live Demonstration plus  a Kit, Vendor list, 360^ Evaluation & Certificate


*Bonus –

FREE ticket to Launch of Booked, Busy, & Balanced: The Overachiever’s guide to building a Beauty Biz with no employees, no followers & no burnout©

FREE copy of Price builder for Booked, Busy & Balanced Beauty Professionals

Exclusive EARLY Access - $1k a Day  Community


Complete Registration requires deposit/payment, completed application and date request no less than 10 days prior to agreed upon date*. Full payment is due no less than 72 hours prior to class start date.


*dates are limited to Sunday, Monday or Tuesday and if you  do not see your desired date available please email us directly at


VIP Brow Training

  • This is Advanced training. It does not count towards required hours or continuing eduation hours for an Esthetics or Cosmetology license. Please review your City, County and State requirements to legally practice Permanent Makeup and/or Esthetics in your intended jurisdiction.

  • Refund up to 10 calendar days prior to class date minus $150 admin fee.

    3 Calendar days or less no refunds. Class date can be rescheduled for $150 admin fee as dates are available.

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