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Hey there, Brow Friend! 👋


Struggling with henna that hops off too soon? Stuck with stains that are more “meh” than “wow”? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone in the brow battle!


We've got a treat for you! Tap into this replay of our eye-opening Instagram Live session. It’s like a cozy chat, (2 hours) but instead of coffee, we’re serving up solutions for your brow staining woes!


Why You’ll Love This:

  • Real Talk on Real Issues: We’re diving into why your brow stains might be pulling a disappearing act or playing it too subtle.
  • Tips You Can Use Right Now: Grab actionable advice that’ll stick – unlike some of those stains!
  • Guidance from the Pros: Get the inside scoop from experts who eat, sleep, and breathe all things brows.


Special Bonus Just for You:


  • free Workshop Outline- Consider it your cheat sheet to nailing that perfect, long-lasting tint every single time.
  • FREE Comprehensive Brow Audit - submit up to 3 photos of your work for Professional analysis and Mentor Feedback.


Ready to Up Your Brow Game?


When you purchse this workshop an email will automatically be sent to you. The links to the workshop replay will be in the PDF. You have access to the videos and Brow Audit until 5/30/2024

Get Unstuck Instagram Workshop Replay

  • This is advanced education, it does not nor is it intended to replace or accrue towards professional licensing. Please review your local county/state guidelines to determine your eligibilty to perform services on the Public.

  • Due to the digital nature of this products there will be ABSOLUTELY not refunds issued

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